Delaware FTC is now using a Meet structure!
What are "Meets"?
  • Meets are a competition style below a "qualifier"
  • Each meet will last approximately 2 hours, similar to an after-school sports game
  • Meets only have a robot competition portion of a usual FTC event - there is NO JUDGING, however teams are welcome to bring their notebooks for review.
  • Teams must participate in AT LEAST 2 MEETS to qualify for the Diamond State Championship.
Why meets?
  • The purpose of the meet is to provide Delaware teams with more experience competing, before the Diamond State Championship.
  • While teams should bring robots to compete, a meet is a great opportunity for students and teams to help each other out, sharing knowledge and working together to make everyone stronger
  • Meets are also less of a time commitment - they will typically run for 2 hours, and can be on either a weekend or a week night. This is much less of a time commitment for students, mentors, and parents, than an all-day qualifier competition.
How do we sign up? And will we get in?
  • Teams can submit a registration for meets through the Event Registration page - A list of available meets is on the 2019-2020 Schedule page.
  • The priority for getting in to a meet are as follows:
    1. Delaware teams who have not yet met the 2 meet requirement
    2. Out of state teams who have not yet met the 2 meet requirement
    3. Delaware teams who have met the 2 meet requirement
    4. Out of state teams who have met the 2 meet requirement
  • We will invite out of state teams to fill in any spots not taken by Delaware teams at the Diamond State Championship
    • Out of state teams must participate in 2 Delaware Meets, and be registered within 10 miles of the Delaware border to be eligible
    • A drawing will be held at the last meet to determine the order of invitations sent to out of state teams.