Delaware FTC and Delaware FTC Teams host many events each season.
What types of Delaware FTC events are there?
  • Kickoff - Each September, teams attend the kickoff event to see the new game revealed. At kickoff, teams have the chance to forge relationships with other teams, as well as receive important changes and information about the upcoming season.
  • Scrimmage - A scrimmage is an informal "competition," hosted by a team. At a scrimmage, a field is provided for teams to drive their robots and practice playing the game - an opportunity which they may not otherwise have. Scrimmages are completely informal, and do not lead to qualification for real tournaments.
  • Meet - A meet is the first stage of Delaware FTC Competition. You can learn more about how they work from the Tournament Structure page. Meets are how teams can qualify for the Diamond State Championship tournament.
  • Championship Tournament - The Diamond State championship tournament is the highest level of competition within Delaware. From here, teams can qualify the FIRST World Championships in Detroit.