Welcome to Delaware FIRST Tech Challenge!
FIRST Tech Challenge is way more than Robots...

Teams design, build, and program, and drive their robots
to play a game laid out for them each year. 

In the process, students work with adult mentors to practice
skills in all aspects. They gain experience with leadership, team
management, and project planning, as well as machine shop
expertise, and hardware and software design.

Students in FIRST Tech Challenge get to practice skills they learn
in school in a hands on environment, driving home the value of
hard work and collaboration.
Who can join?

FIRST Tech Challenge teams are open to middle and high school students, usually grades 7 - 12.

Start a FIRST Tech challenge team! We promise, it'll be the "hardest fun you'll ever have".

Check out our Start a Team page for more info on how to join the program!

Championship Information

The 2020 Diamond State Championship will take place at the Main Gym, at Delaware State University! More information can be found on the schedule page here.

Teams that are attending may upload submissions for our video awards by clicking here, or by going to the Video Award Submissions page.